Giovedì 10 dicembre
10.30-12.00 CET

Webinar: Know Your Business Customer – KYBC

Protecting European consumers and businesses from online harms

hosted by Alex Agius Saliba, MEP

“For the first time, we are introducing at EU level new concepts, such as Know your Business Customer. Such a measure will help address one part of the problems with disinformation, misleading, or illegal content, and the sale of unsafe and fake products online”

Alex Agius Saliba


This webinar will explore how a Know Your Business Customer ‘KYBC’ provision is essential to encourage greater transparency and accountability online to the benefit of European businesses and consumers and should be a cornerstone of the new Digital Services Act.

Too often, EU consumers are exposed to websites selling fake and illegal products and services online – while legitimate businesses struggle to compete in an online environment where fraud remains rife and consumer trust compromised.

Even when illegality is uncovered, the identity of the companies involved often cannot be established because they hide their true identity by providing fake company names, addresses and contact details when signing up for essential web services such as domain name, hosting, payment and advertising services. Many of these services providers don’t check.

As a result, despite general information requirements set down by Article 5 of the E-Commerce Directive, illicit operators continue to carry out their activities, on an industrial scale, in complete anonymity.

This is where the Know Your Business Customer ‘KYBC’ obligation comes in. The webinar will  explore how the introduction of a ‘Know Your Business Customer’ provision would address this and how it should be crafted broadly, to be effective, technology neutral and future proof, so that the Digital Services Act can enjoy the longevity of its predecessor, the 2000 E-Commerce Directive.

Duration Format & Speakers
5’ Welcome & introduction: Alex Agius Saliba MEP

Panel 1: The Digital Services Act – state of play

–        Alex Agius Saliba, Member of European Parliament (MT, S&D)

–        Werner Stengg, Cabinet Margrethe Vestager, European Commission

–        Ricardo Castanheira, Digital-Telecom Coordinator, Permanent Representation of Portugal

Moderator: Per Strömbäck, Editor, Netopia

10’ Audience Q&A

Case Study

Motion Picture Association – Openload


Panel 2: The view from consumers and businesses

–        Marie Pattullo, Senior Trade Marks and Brand Protection Manager, AIM, European Brands Association

–        Tom Galvin, Executive Director, Digital Citizens Alliance

–        Mike Isles, Executive Director, Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP)

–        Tim Kuik, Managing Director, BREIN

Moderator: Per Strömbäck, Editor, Netopia

10’ Audience Q&A
5’ Closing: Alex Agius Saliba MEP